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Conference of Major Religious Superiors

Conference of Major Religious Superiors

10 July 2010


As a result of the recent meeting of the executive we the chairpersons of the conference of religious superiors would like at this time to extend a word of encouragement, hope and solidarity to all our brothers and sisters in religious life here in Zimbabwe.

In his recent encyclical ‘Spe Salvi’ (saved by hope) Pope Benedict reminded us that we have cause for hope despite the difficult situations that we face in life because we are a people who have a future that will not end in emptiness. We have hope because we have God on our side. We are saved by hope because God loves us.

We greatly admire the manner in which many religious have responded to the challenge of recent weeks with dignity, resilience and integrity. The demonic and brutal manner in which ordinary people have been beaten, tortured, killed and terrorized is surly intolerably in the sight of God and the ancestors. A government that is reduced to acts of barbarism so as to retain power and has employed and abused its youth by turning them into murderers is destined to fail. Every attack on human freedom and dignity is ultimately an attack on God whose image and likeness we share.

To the religious who have been threatened and chased from their mission, to the members of your families and missions who have been abducted, tortured and killed defending freedom, to all those who are suffering injustice in the name of freedom we say your suffering is not in vain. We want you to be assured that we are with you. We are by your side in the struggle for truth and justice.

To all religious we say


  • you have to trust in the strength of hope
  • you have to trust in love that is stronger than evil
  • you must never lose faith in God
  • you must never lose heart
  • you must never lose courage
  • you must never lose the freedom of mind and heart with which Christ makes you free for which he died.


Let us be united in Christ