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The African Forum for Catholic Social Teaching (AFCAST)


We are an African Forum for Catholic Social Teaching that strives to popularize and contextualize this teaching by supporting and strengthening the capacity of those involved in developing and implementing it at all levels of the church and society.


A more just, peaceful and humane African society that is guided by Catholic Social Teaching and where Gospel values are promoted and celebrated.

AFCAST focuses its activities in the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa, working closely with already existing church structures such as IMBISA, AMECEA, local Bishops’ Conferences and Catholic Commissions for Justice and Peace, among others. AFCAST also shares experiences with other parts of Africa and the world.


Inculturate the African Voice in CST

Twice annually AFCAST coordinates a workshop in a host country in East or Southern Africa to facilitate dialogue on an overarching social reality in Africa in light of CST. Recent workshops include: Prophetic Witness in Africa; Constitution-making and Human Dignity; Women and Violence; Good Governance and Integrity of Creation; Faith and Elections in Africa – a critical conversation; Transitional Justice; and Human trafficking and migration. We also facilitate local research and evaluate current and past theories and activities of CST in Africa.

Document, Produce and Distribute CST Materials

AFCAST archives and shares materials on CST via our website, newsletter and documentation center located in the Arrupe College Library. We publish booklets and popular education materials on CST, while encouraging the republication, translation and simplification of the social teachings. We also create materials, guidelines and syllabi for teaching and popularizing CST in the African context.

Influence Public Policy

AFCAST links with church organizations, bishops’ conferences, lobby and advocacy groups, institutions and regional bodies to influence economic, political and social policies from the perspective of the social teaching.