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What is AFCAST

The African Forum for Catholic Social Teachings (AFCAST) is a diverse group of Catholics involved in the field of the Catholic Church's social teachings. We see a mutuality between the Catholic Social Teachings and the wisdom of the peoples of Eastern and Southern Africa. We come together to share our knowledge and experiences with each other, seeking ways to promote and popularise the social teachings within the African Church and society and for Africa's rich and diverse cultural traditions to contribute to and inform the social teachings

A Brief History...

The relationship between the African Church and the social teachings has come under the spotlight many times by numerous scholars. The relationship is a complex one, involving historical issues as well as questions of culture and relevence. Why is this relationship strained and why is there a general failure to popularise the social teachings within African society?

These were the questions an interested group of Catholics began exploring with the assistance of MISEREOR in Nairobi in July 1999. subsequent meetings were held in Dar-es-Salaam (November 1999), Cape Town (February 2000) and Harare (July 2000).

Those present recognised the importance of implementing strategies to bring to life the social teachings within the African Church. Thus, the African Forum for Catholic Social Teachings was born. Generously funded by MISEREOR, AFCAST was officially launched on October 30th, 2001 at Arrupe Jesuit College of Philosophy and Humanities in Harare, Zimbabwe.