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On One of the Problems Facing Family Life

On One of the Problems Facing Family Life
at the Present Time
a. Correct knowledge of realities
  All associations and organisations should provide accurate information about the facts of abortion so that public opinion may be correctly informed. Educational institutes are asked to give opportunities for systematic and critical reflection on the realities of abortion.
b. Family Policy
i. Every Government should have a family policy, which enables families to assume their responsibilities freely. This policy should include such topics as employment, education, housing, land ownership, taxation and family health care. It should exclude anything, which violates the religious and cultural traditions of family life. Such violation brings harm to families and nations.
ii. Other organisations also have the right to promote a just family policy. The agents of a true family policy are not only politicians but in a special way, families themselves.
c. The option of adoption
  The mother of Moses co-operated in saving his life by creating an opportunity for adoption. Pharaoh's daughter said to her.. "Take this child away and nurse it for me" (Ex. 2:10). Adoption is a life-saving alternative and legitimate means of providing a child with a stable home. Women with unwanted pregnancies rarely consider adoption. This is particularly true of pregnant adolescents who usually choose either abortion or single parenthood. This is so because they get little support in finding ways for adoption as an alternative to abortion. In many countries couples who wish to adopt find it difficult to do so because of the lack of children for adoption. Society and the Church can create institutions, which offer adoption services. Pregnancy care centres in big cities can set up services e.g. "hot lines" for crisis counselling, adoption services, shelters offering maternity and medical care.
d. Counselling Centres
  There are thousands of women who have had an abortion because they thought they had no alternative. The Church can play a significant role in ending this crisis. It can also be a place where mother and child belong once the mother's crisis is over. While services vary, they include:- counselling with an explanation of the effects of an abortion; placing the pregnant mother with a shepherding family where she may live during pregnancy and for a while after delivery; job counselling and training, and adoption services. If proper services are offered to women faced with an unwanted pregnancy, they will no longer seek abortion. They will find new life in Christ. This work needs the full support of the Church, that is, of all of us.